Gifted Quality Care

Hospital to home Care

When you need us the most, our Home from Hospital Care service can be extremely valuable.

Because of current NHS pressures, many people are discharged from hospitals too soon and return home without adequate care.

Convalescent homes have long provided in-between care, allowing patients to recover properly before returning home to resume their lives. The transition period between hospitalisation and discharge would aid in the development of independence, aid in recuperation, and allow care staff to monitor the recovery process. After one or two weeks, the patient would be able to return home safely and confidently.

Unfortunately, convalescent homes have almost vanished, and as a result, hospital re-admissions are on the rise. National statistics show that re-admission rates are high, particularly among older patients, with many having to return to the hospital within a month.

Through our Home from Hospital care service, Gifted Quality Care can provide convalescent care at home. Following discharge from the hospital, we will provide live-in care to assist with convalescence, recovery, and rehabilitation in order to return to a normal level of independence.

Our high-quality hospital to home service is best suited to people who are:

  • Currently an inpatient at a hospital and wish to return home immediately after being discharged.
  • Due to be admitted to the hospital and will require assistance after discharge.
  • In need of practical assistance or advice on returning home after being discharged from the hospital.
  • Already at home and in need of additional assistance following a recent hospitalisation.

Whatever your circumstances are, we can provide a hospital to home service that is tailored to your specific requirements.

The advantages of our service include: 

  • Assistance with personal care, such as bathing, showering, and dressing.
  • A carer makes sure that the person doesn’t have to be alone in the early stages of recovery and gives them someone to talk to.
  • A carer can help and work with your physiotherapists, dietitians, social workers, community nurses, and any other members of your care team to help you get back to good health in a safe and stable way.
  • It assists you in gradually regaining your social life. For example, by accompanying you to go shopping, to local events, to a favourite restaurant, or to re-join a local group.