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Specialist Care

If you or a loved one has one or more complex healthcare conditions, you may be unsure about the type of care that is best for you. Your needs may necessitate the use of a complex care provider that can cover all bases and design a tailored care package for you.

Gifted Quality Care provides specialised care for people with learning disabilities and other complex care needs. Our caregivers have extensive training and experience in all areas of specialised care, including spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, respiratory care, and tube feeding.

We are here to guide you through the process and advise you on which type of complex care is best for your needs, whether you are looking for help managing a complex medical condition or specialist live-in care following surgery.

We can work with you and your family to create a schedule that allows us to provide dependable care in a way that is tailored to your specific needs.

When you contact us, one of our knowledgeable care specialists will walk you through your options for our advanced complex home care services, which are available to you in the comfort of your own home. We can also arrange a free home or phone visit to fully understand your or your loved one’s needs.

What types of specialised home care services do we provide?

We provide complex home care for a variety of life-altering conditions and injuries. These are some examples:

Our expert caregivers are available to assist with BiPAP or CPAP ventilation at home. Our respiratory care specialists are trained to treat a wide range of conditions with compassion and care, and we can find you the right caregiver.

Our continence care is provided by compassionate specialist caregivers and is intended to maintain dignity and privacy, making you or your loved one feel safe and supported. From toilet assistance to managing more complex situations like catheters and colostomy bags, we can provide the complex care that best meets your needs.

We have skilled airway management complex home carers who have provided tracheostomy care in the past. We understand that managing a tracheostomy at home can be difficult, but we can provide you with a professional team to guide you through the entire process.

We provide PEG-gastronomy care in all areas, and our specialist caregivers can create schedules that work for you or your loved one. Although our expert care teams are highly professional, they are also friendly and work to establish relationships with you and your family in order to put you at ease.

Our expertly trained team of complex home carers makes living with a spinal injury at home easier. Our caregivers are highly trained in conditions like quadriplegia, paraplegia, and tetraplegia, so we can provide specialised care for you or a loved one with these conditions.

Our advanced complex home caregivers will closely monitor you or your loved one, looking for any persistent, worsening, or new symptoms and offer assistance around the house. You can choose to stay at home with complex care services that help you get back on your feet and adjust to daily life.

MS affects people differently, but with the right complex care at home, you or your loved one can maintain control and live independently. We will assign you a caregiver who understands your specific needs and will collaborate with you to improve your quality of life.

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